We welcome anyone who would like to get involved in The Making Space.

We are open to members with all levels of experience. Our aim is for people share skills – we are all beginners at most things.

Membership of The Making Space costs £10 per month, and this includes 24 hour access to the workspace, shared materials, equipment and the skills exchange events we organise.

We are a co-operative, and all members have an equal say in what we do, for example what equipment to buy.

Members have rights and responsibilities. The short version is "Treat everyone with respect and don't be on fire.", but please make sure you read them before filling in the membership form because you'll be asked to sign them.

The first three months membership fees are in adavance.

Please fill in the form then drop us a line by email to arrange the next step. Thanks, see you soon!

Link to the form to join The Making Space.